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The Young at Heart Ministry is for Senior Adults (those past retirement age) in the Dayton, Ohio area. We provide times of fellowship and entertainment during our monthly Luncheons. We also provide the opportunity to see interesting places and things around the area during our monthly Day Trips. Once a year (sometimes more frequently) we offer a longer trip to see areas far from Dayton. All of our programs are designed to be honoring to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Harps of Grace Christmas Concert

What a Glorious way to end the year!

December 12, 2017 we enjoyed the Christmas Music of Harps of Grace with the stage full of Harps! Ten to be exact. They played many of our favorite Christmas carols, even though some had a different beat than we may be familiar with. But all versions were very enjoyable. I love this group.
I know that this sounds like a broken record, but remember, you can see larger versions of the photos by merely clicking on them.
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Harps of Grace is an Ensemble of Harps played by professionals and amateurs. The group is led by Leslie Stratton, who is also the Principal Harpist with the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra.

You can see and hear the “Harps of Grace” with the following videos:
 Joy To The World

We Three Kings

Morning Gliss

O Come Little Children

Unfortunately, our attendance was down because of the snowy weather.  But is was a great day inside with plenty of warm, cheery friends.

Speaking of friends – we were happy to have Sherm and Pat Bowser with us. We took this opportunity to take a photo of three generations of Young@Heart Leadership. Sherm and Pat were the second generation, following our founders, Jim and Carol Neely. Nancy and Roger Jensen are the 3rd generation and Greg and Lisa Poe will be the 4th Generation.
Greg already has a full calendar of Luncheons and Day Trips planned, starting January 9, 2018. They are also planning a very nice Fall Trip. You will be hearing much more about all of this in January!

This month, Roger and Nancy close out 10 years of service as Young@Heart leaders and Roger as Pastor of Senior Adult Ministries at Washington Heights Baptist Church. They are retiring but will continue to be with you, our friends, in the audience and the back of the bus. Be sure to save us seats!
Roger will always remember these 10 years as the best years of his life. He has been blessed to work with a fantastic staff at Washington Heights, and with YOU!

Next month, Greg and Lisa will lead our program with Greg and friends speaking on a number of topics. He will also be bringing back many of your old friends to entertain and bless you with music. 

January 16, Greg & Lisa will lead a Day Trip to the Presidential Conference Center, where we will hear from a number of speakers about topics of special interest to us as seniors. A nice meal will also be provided. So, if you consider yourself a senior (perhaps 55 and older) join us next month!

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